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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What do you do when you feel your going insane?

I just what to know what others do, or if someone could tell me what to do, other than doing negative things.
Write it down. release your feeling on paper. It helped me a lot when I was depressed and stressed.
try datura and you can find out for yourself
well I

Is saying negative things about a gender only justified when there is a biased question?

Like if there is a biased question supporting women, the answers will counter it out by saying negative things about women. (and vice versa too) That is the only time he/she gets agreed too right?

Does a white person want to seek out an different race person of the opposite sex because the that person...?

will submit to the white person and do whatever he/she says? (Like they seek out and Asian from the opposite sex because their own race will not give in to their superiority crud)? Does he/she think that the opposite sex from their own race should be grateful they are not being punished in Islam? But he/she should not think about being grateful him/herself?

Whatever gender put for the

What comforts you most?

It can be anything. A person, an object, a place...
My new found friend. I feel totally safe and comfortable around her. It

Any of you guys think its not fair that a woman can

For less than $6K, a decently attractive girl can go out and buy a nice rack that will have guys drooling wherever she goes. But what can guys really buy to attract women in a similar way? Nothing really. Especially since women are more attracted to personality than anything else. Or height. You can

If it makes you happy, then do it?


Self-conscious about not looking asian?

Sorry I need to rant a little bit more. :P

Yeah the title sounds stupid but once you read you will understand.


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